How We Work

The Trust for Sustainable Development is a not-for-profit corporation that identifies projects with the potential to implement sustainable strategies and then invests in pre-development project preparation (often valued at more than one million dollars USD) for large-scale developments. The Trust researches, identifies and with development Partners finances exciting, sustainable project ideas to bring them to fruition. As the project nears start-up, the Trust funds for-profit partners to develop the community (or building). The for-profit company acts as Master Developer and oversees permitting, design and sale of building lots, while the Trust retains some control of the General Partner. It is this business model that ensures the sustainable strategies planned for will, in fact, be implemented in the physical development. The trust expects to recover costs and receive a share of project revenues or net earnings which endow the Trust to pursue additional projects.

By obtaining strong political and community support for its development designs, the Trust receives favorable entitlement packages that add certainty and shorter permitting and development times, resulting in significantly reduced costs. At the same time, and not surprisingly, sustainable communities (and buildings) are places where people want to live and often sell at a premium.  Additionally, politicians and residents in the areas that the Trust works in become near-experts in sustainability as they learn about various initiatives and ultimately see them implemented. This often leads to new standards for sustainable practices in the region.

The Trust calls on civic and community leaders throughout North America (and the world) to work together, moving away from current development patterns and toward sustainability. If you are aware of opportunities where the Trust for Sustainable Development may be of benefit to your community or any other, or if you are interested in assisting with, or investing in the projects of the Trust, please contact us.

Over the years the Trust has provided for over $3, 000, 000 in benefits from its projects to the communities in which it has operated. No members of the Trust have ever received remuneration from the Trust. Some members of the Trust are active in Trust Projects for which they do receive remuneration.