The Trust for Sustainable Development has a track record for generating excellent financial returns via its innovative process of identifying and planning projects that deliver positive social and ecological impacts while generating above-market revenues and lower permitting costs. The cornerstone of this value creation process is "sustainability" — an approach to development that improves quality of life for both present and future generations while preserving natural resources and ecosystems.

Most Recent Project

Spirit Bay
The Trust for Sustainable Development is currently working on the new town plan of Spirit Bay. Spirit Bay is being developed on lands that surround Becher Bay in Metchosin, 35 minutes from the capital of Victoria, BC and is being planned and built to be a beautiful, sustainable and unique community. more→

Previous Projects

McCallen Texas
In 2007, the Trust responded to an enquiry from the famous American shopping center developer Henry S. Miller. In conjunction with the City of McAllen, Texas, the Trust organized a charette and acted as the Development Manager and Master Planner for a new Town Center for McAllen, Texas. more→

Loreto Bay
TSD's The Villages of Loreto Bay, a series of romantic, walkable seaside villages in Baja California Sur, Mexico, was designed to be the largest resort community in North America committed to the principles of sustainable development and New Urbanism. more→

Shoal Point
Shoal Point is a new $110-million landmark residential and commercial development located on the harborfront of Victoria, British Columbia.more→

The goal of the Civano project is to demonstrate the marketability of sustainable community development on a large scale at affordable prices.more→

The principals of the Trust for Sustainable Development were actively involved in the Harbourside project in Victoria, British Columbia, from 1987 – 1994.more→

Started in 1988, Bamberton was arguably the first major proposal that sought to bring all the elements of sustainability together into one cohesive plan.more→