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The Trust for Sustainable Development is currently working on the new town plan of Spirit Bay. Spirit Bay is being developed on lands that surround Becher Bay in Metchosin, 35 minutes from the capital of Victoria, BC and is being planned and built to be a beautiful, sustainable and unique community.

Spirit Bay is the result of a precedent-settingpartnership between the Trust for Sustainable Development and the Scia’new First Nation. Typically developers will lease property from First Nations and undertake development themselves. In the case of Spirit Bay, the ownership of the development company is shared by the Trust (49%) and the Scia’new First Nations (51%) allowing them to meaningfully participate in the long term revenues and benefits.

Spirit Bay is more than a community: it is a town that will grow in carefully planned phases over a period of 8-10 years. TheScia’new have 1,000 wooded acres of western Canada’s southern most lands including seven miles of south-facing, topographically rich shoreline.

The first 100 acre phase of the development, will include 600 – 800 residences as well as a Town Centre with offices, shops and recreational facilities. The Presentation Centre overlooking the established, 365-berth marina, opened in May 2014 allowing potential buyers to view a model, floorplans of the homes, and the overall development plans for the area. Home sales began on July 12th.

Spirit Bay embodies the fundamental commitments of the Trust. It is built with people as a priority, not cars. The town has been designed to be walkable, pedestrian friendly, and include several natural and built amenities. Development will be placed on the contours of the land rather than the easier, cheaper, blasting and leveling that is prevalent elsewhere.

The town will be a net positive generator of energy and its buildings will be heated and cooled by the use of an ocean based, geothermal system. The shallow soils will be enriched with compost, and community orchards and gardens are designed as gathering places. Rain will fall from non-toxic metal roofs while runoff from narrow roads will be directed to bio-swales designed to clean runoff naturally and re-introduce water back to the ground as close to source as possible.

Also unique at Spirit Bay is the range of homes available: from 600 square-foot cottages nestled in the woods to 2,500+ square-foot homes on the waterfront, in price ranges that will attract a wide variety of buyers and a broad demographic just like real towns.

The homes with their bright colours will be reminiscent of seaside fishing villages found around the world. Board and batten exteriors epitomize the cottage feel while metal roofs and quality construction will ensure a long life for these nostalgic homes. Each home also features a one-of-kind cupola that is both decorative yet practical, as it allows passive cooling in the summer along with the appeal of additional, diffused light.

Spirit Bay is a place for people who value a strong sense of community, have a real appreciation for beauty and a passion forlands that anchor our homes and waters that sustain and enrich us.

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